Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate

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The mounting plate enables users to mount calibration target plates to wall mounts, free-standing VESA mounts, extrusions or other user-defined mounting solutions. This allows the user to repeatedly capture high quality calibration datasets in fixed-camera settings providing good image coverage and foreshortening which is crucial for good calibration results. Slight motion blur and synchronization issues seen with handheld captures are completely eliminated.

The mounting fixture is CNC machined from solid aluminium and treated for optimal adhesion onto a variety of substrates. It was long-time tested on our Alu/HDPE composite calibration plates. The plate is fixed to the back of the calibration plate using a high-strength adhesive which is included in the kit. 

Our mounting fixture features three tripod threaded holes and holes perfectly located for quick release plate alignment pins. Using the alignment pin and/or multiple screws is essential to keep plates from unscrewing. Alternatively, the unused area of the base plate can easily be drilled and tapped for user-specific mounting.


 Material Aluminium 6082, bead-blasted
Thickness 10mm
Max. plate dimensions 1000 x 800 mm
Tripod threads 3 x 1/4''-20 UNC
VESA threads 4 x M4 (100x100) + 
4 x M4 (75x75)
Outer thread cross 4 x M5 (100mm spacing)
Inner threads cross 4 x M6 (75mm spacing)


 Mounting instructions

  1. Place the plate on the central backside of your calibration target. A measuring ruler can be used for centering. Mark the backer plate location using a pen.
  2. Clean the glue surfaces using the provided isopropanol wipes. Wait for alcohol to completely evaporate.
  3. Apply the fast setting adhesive to the backer plate, position it and apply slight pressure for 20 seconds.