Shipping and Payment Information

Standard/Stock Item Lead times

When a product in our webstore is available in stock, the product page will display  the number of targets are "available for immediate shipping". Usually, these targets will ship within 1-2 business days. However, the order will only ship immediately if all items in the order are available for immediate shipping. The total lead time is therefore dictated by the item with the longest lead time. In case immediate shipment is required, we recommend splitting up the order into two seperate orders.

Manufacturing Lead Times

Most of our products are made on order. The manufacturing lead time for standard web store items is approximately 10 business days. This is dependent on manufacturing queue and the success of all QA steps. However, some sizes can be expedited for a fee. Please contact our sales team for a quotation on expeditated services. For completely custom products in non-standard substrates, lead time can be up to several weeks depending on substrate, type and quantity.

General Shipping Information

Please find below our shipping rates and shipping times for physical products. 

Delivery incoterms are Delivered at Place (DAP) unless otherwise agreed. This implies that pays all shipping costs but the buyer is responsible for paying duties and customs charges.


Central Europe

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands.

Shipping time: 1 - 3 days.

Priority, tracked shipping: 

     0 - 5kg: €30,00

     5kg and up: €50,00


Europe, USA, Canada, China

Most European countries, all US states and Canadian territories.

Shipping time: 2 - 5 days.

Priority, tracked shipping: 

     0 - 10kg: €80,00

     10 - 25kg: €120,00

     25kg and up: €240,00

Economy shipping, 7 - 10 days: 

     0 - 1kg: €38,00

     1 - 5kg: €52,00


Rest of the world

All other countries. Please note that the lead time will depend on the specific location and customs processing. Items are shipped from Denmark. We do not handle import duties or toll for countries outside of EU and USA, and these may be added in your country if so required by local regulations.

Priority, tracked shipping, 2 - 7 days: 

     0 - 5kg: €80,00

     5 - 12kg: €140,00

     12 - 20kg: €190,00

     20kg and up: €240,00

Economy shipping, 9 - 12 days: 

     0 - 2kg: €52,00


Expedited shipping

Note that we can also offer express shipping to the EU and US. Expedited shipping reduces lead time by 1-2 days. Please contact us for a quote.


Payment Terms

Our general payment terms are: payment in advance. You can choose two modes of payment.

Credit Card (processed by Shopify Payments)

SEPA Wire Transfer in EUR.


Upon agreement, we can accept different payment terms, e.g. from Universities and organisations that are, by law, required to only trade on those terms. Please note that this may increase the total product price as it involves a significant amount of work.