Request Quote

If you would like to request a quote for completely custom solution, please use the form below, and we will return shortly with a price quotation and give you an indication of the expected lead time. See our custom products page for a selection of custom products.

We also offer designing patterns according to your specifications and requirements. In these cases, please describe your use case and attach drawings if possible. A design fee would then apply.

Please note the following design guidelines:

  • Custom designs should be provided as PDF files.
  • Patterns should be defined as vector shapes (not rasterised).
  • Text should be converted to shapes (no embedded fonts).  
  • The page size and trim box must correspond exactly to the desired calibration target dimensions. Use e.g. our pattern generator.
  • Designs should preferably have a white margin of at least 10mm all the way around. Larger margins are generally recommended for better detection.
  • Board edges have no specific tolerance relative to printed design.
  • Two-sided designs are possible, but alignment cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Board dimensions should be integer mm sizes.