OneShot Factory Calibration

A world premiere's OneShot is our newest offering for factory calibration of cameras and stereo sensors. The strong-growing sensors market has long asked for an accurate production line calibration solution and we are proud to introduce OneShot which addresses this need.


Calibration in the blink of an eye

Using only a single image of the uniquely designed 3D calibration target and with our incredibly fast optimisation routine, intrinsics and extrinsic are calibrated in as little as 1 second (depends on factors such as lens model, etc.). Reduced time = instantly higher throughput and profitability on the sensor manufacturing line.


Accurate as never before

OneShot does not sacrifice calibration quality for the speed with which parameters are estimated. With the unique, highly accurate and robust 3d calibration target, all aspects of camera calibration can be determined from a single image. High feature density (distortion calibration) coupled with foreshortening in both x and y, constraints the camera model effectively without the need for time consuming and complicated multiple view acquisition. 

The position of every circle feature on our manufactured 3d target is pre-measured using extremely accurate optical means. These calibrated positions are provided to our customers and used as input to a cross-platform command line program. The 3d target can be made to customer's FOV specifications and is designed to be very sturdy and will remain calibrated even with moderate temperature changes in a production scenario.

The secret sauce is in our software. It implements super-accurate circle detection routines, initialises the camera model parameters using the nominal focal length and a single image of our target, and using our proprietary algorithms, optimises the bundle adjustment process in a mere split-second. Efficient go/no-go criteria allow you to check each and every unit and ensure high quality in all aspects of your product.


Supercharge the manufacturing line

Accurate calibration and short cycle times have become one of the main competitive factors that our customers keep asking for. The demand for highly accurate factory calibration of imaging modules has never been higher. is proud to now present an offering to our customers in the high-volume cameras/sensors market. 

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