Robot Flange Mount
Robot Flange Mount
Robot Flange Mount
Robot Flange Mount

Robot Flange Mount

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The ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 compatible robot flange mount is ideal for accurate and repeatable mounting of calibration targets on small robots or cobots such as UR5, UR10. This allows users to automate the capture process in a repeatable way, or to perform robot to camera calibrations. The adapter is locked firmly with a 3mm hex key from the side.

The robot mount is CNC machined from solid aluminium and consists of two parts: a flange fitting and a plate adapter. The flange fitting implements the ISO 9409 standard with 4 M6 bolts on a 50mm circle. A dowel pin can be used for very repeatable remounting.

The low profile plate adapter provides ample surface for adhesion to the backside of calibration plates up to 800x800mm (industrial adhesive is included). It can also be drilled and tapped to other specifications and be used as a manual tool changer to mount cameras and other equipment on the robot.

Note: compatibility with other, proprietary robot flanges can be achieved with commercially available adapter plates.


 Material Aluminium 6082
Thickness 22mm
Diameter 75mm
Max. plate dimensions 800 x 800 mm
Flange standard ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
Compatibility  Universal Robots, KUKA LBR, ABB GoFa, Omron, Kassov, Jaka, Doosan, Aubo, Dobot, Hanwha, and more.


 Adhesion instructions

  1. Place the plate adapter on the backside of your calibration target, centred both horizontally and vertically. Mark the location using a pen.
  2. Clean the glue surfaces using the provided isopropanol wipes. Wait for alcohol to completely evaporate.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the fast setting adhesive to the backer plate, position it and apply light pressure for 20 seconds.